Retro Desktops From Paper | Hackaday

Want to begin your very own assortment of retro pcs, for cost-free? Effectively graphic designer [Rocky Bergen]’s assortment of paper craft models may possibly be the respond to. [Rocky] has created around a dozen versions of previous desktops, including classics this sort of as the IMSAI 8080, Commodore Pet, and the BBC Microcomputer to identify just a handful of.

The finished measurement of these designs isn’t outlined, but inspecting the PDF file of a randomly chosen Commodore C64 design displays it was supposed to be printed on A3 paper ( 297 x 420 mm, or approximately the size of an 11 x 17 ANSI C webpage if you assume improved in inches ). That continue to doesn’t give us the finished dimension of a product, but one collector posted on [Rocky]’s web page that when he scaled it to A4 paper, the resulting laptop was a excellent match for use with widespread 1/6 scale dolls and dollhouses (also known as playscale). Of system, the pattern current as a computer system PDF file, you can scale it to any dimensions you want.

We’ve lined a couple paper craft tasks in the earlier, such as these awesome automata, a claw from a crane activity, and even a gyroscope that actually spins. Verify out the video clip beneath the split to see [Rocky] assembling the Apple II paper craft model. Many thanks to [CollegeCop] for sending this into our tip line.